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Customization options for the popular media playback software

Customization options for the popular media playback software

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The VLC media player skins pack finally gives some color and character to the excellent-yet-bland VLC. VLC is one of the most comprehensive free media players available for Mac and PC. With fully configurable audio and video playback tools, VLC can be used as a simple mp3 player or used to control and route videos to multiple monitors or even to make PowerPoint-like presentations.

The one thing that is slightly lacking is any actual flavor to its user interface. VLC is a program that is more about what it can do than how it looks. It’s literally about the plainest UI imaginable on both the Mac and PC versions.

Most people like their media player to reflect a little bit of their personality. This is especially true of developers, producers and DJs. These folks spend a lot of time in front of a computer and usually aren’t happy staring at a bland interface for hours on end. The idea of dressing up these apps with colors and themes goes back to the “skins” available for programs like WinAmp in the late 90s.

With the VLC media player skins pack, you can add some personality to the app as well as bring out some of its excellent functionality into a more intuitive workflow arrangement. VLC has many options, such as the equalizer, that are hidden away in a myriad of menus and configuration tabs. The original design intent is obviously to keep things out of view so you can simply set them and forget them.

However, if you are using VLC as a live performance tool, you might want quicker access to the equalizer or better control over the playlist. The VLC skins in this pack will help you do just that. The prominent use of the equalizer in the main user interface nicely lends itself to DJ’ing or making adjustments per track.

Aside from that, you get tons of excellent flavor and some great novelty skins. A classic minimalist silver console skin stands out from the pack; harkening back to the days of WinAmp with its lightly shaded and beveled stacked UI look, resembling a sound rack. Also of note are the iPod skin and sound system skin which have so much character they wouldn’t be out of place on the “main screen” for a DJ’s event. The iTunes styled UI and “heaven” skin also balance color and feeling with functionality in a great way. The Star Trek bridge console skin is also sure to be a fan favorite. Anyone who uses VLC regularly is sure to find a great skin to their liking in this pack.


  • Great functionality and workflow upgrades to VLCs passive UI
  • Add personality and character to your player display
  • Exposes VLC functionality that’s usually buried deep in advanced settings


  • Some UI elements are a little small in certain Skins
  • Some users may need time to get accustomed to the new location of controls